Our goal is to create a strong unified corporate presence across all media outlets in order to successfully promote your marketing initiative. IGM Creative Group’s experienced team will bring the right combination of strategy, design, and technology to every aspect of your marketing initiative.

Web and Digital

Our services cover the design and production of digital communication across all channels. Find out how we can offer your business with the digital channels at hand to optimize your web presence and strategic campaigns.


Social Media

There is no secret formula when it comes to targeting your audience with social media. Social media is a part of modern everyday life; and your customers will expect your business to take part in the surgence that has overwhelmed the business culture of today.


Search engines are your digital billboards! SEO and ranking are both functions of two primary ingredients, we utilize strict content analysis to address both of them: Relevance and Reputation.

Trade Show

Put on a show! IGM Creative Group’s objective is to provide our clients with a professional, elegant and innovative tradeshow experience. Exhibit designs, promotional items, booth graphics or any other tradeshow campaigns allow our skilled creative team handle it all.